Small Business Debt Recovery

Join thousands of small businesses using Atlas Financial Services as the primary debt collection agency in Washington, Oregon & Idaho! Atlas Financial Services is a licensed debt collection agency in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Atlas has specialized in collection services for over twenty-five plus years. We have specially trained debt collectors to collect on delinquent accounts. They are trained to comply with all state laws and regulations.

Small Business Debt Recovery Services:

  • Dunning Letters: These are debt collection validation letters, letting the debtor know they are in collections. The validation letters show the debt they owe, where they can pay it, and how they can dispute it. Our system tracks how many letters we have sent the debtor. This can be seen on our client portal by our clients.
  • Collection Calls: After the debtor receives the validation letter, a collector will be assigned to collect the debt. Every time a collector calls, it is tracked on our system to show how many times the number has been called. This can be seen on our client portal by our clients.
  • Legal Action: If we don’t get a response from the debtor, the debtor fails to make promised payments or disputes the debt. Before our legal team works on an account, it is submitted for “legal review,” ensuring we have all the correct information to move forward.
  • Legal Protection: When you place an account in collections, one of the many benefits is “legal protection,” Atlas Financial Services complies with all state laws and regulations. This helps protect small business owners from making mistakes that can get them sued.
  • Skip Tracing: Skip tracing is a tactic used by debt collectors to find information about a debtor trying to avoid paying their debt.
  • Process Server: We use process servers to give appropriate notice of initial legal action.

Small Business Debt Recovery – Client Portal Features:

  • Placement Form: If you are a client who plans to place a few monthly accounts, our client portal has an easy-to-use placement form to start collections immediately.
  • Bulk Placement Excel/CSV: If you are a client that plans on placing several accounts per month or every other month, no problem! Our system also accepts excel docs and CSVs for bulk placement. If your accounting software has an easy export button, all you will need to do is match the datasets we provide, and you are on your way to placing thousands of accounts all at once.
  • File Upload: After placing accounts with Atlas, we will need the backup; although we have some clients who prefer to mail accounts in with all the documentation, we now have software that allows you to upload all the documents too!
  • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Recovery Analytics: After being a client for a few months, you will see Recovery Analytics on your dashboard on our client portal. It will show everything we have recovered from year to date, weekly, monthly, and even daily.
  • Export Custom Reporting: Our client portal gives clients tons of flexibility regarding custom reporting. You can customize the report on what you want to see and export it easily!
  • Add Debtor Demographics: If you retain more information on a debtor after placing them with Atlas, you can easily add it to our debtor demographics section on the client portal.
  • Phone Call / Letter Statuses: When you look deeper into accounts on our client portal, you can see when we have sent out letters and made phone calls to the debtor. Our client portal should give you peace of mind, knowing we are actively pursuing what is rightfully owed to you.
  • EFT Remittance Checks: If you are a small business with a business account, we now have the option for “Electronic Fund Transfers,” instead of waiting for a check in the mail, you will be able to see it right in your bank account.

What information and documents do I need to start debt collection services?

  • Invoice or Ledger of Services
  • Debtor Current Address
  • Signed Agreement
A debtor’s address is 100% required to pursue the debt in collections. We need all legitimate documentation to provide debtors if they request them within 72 hours. All documentation with debtor demographics helps speed up the collection process. If you have any questions, please call Brandon at (564) 208-4838.

Client Portal Sneak Peek! 

Small Business Debt Recovery