Gym Debt Recovery

Join many gyms scattered throughout the pacific northwest in collecting delinquent accounts in the fitness industry. Do you own a gymnastics gym? Are you a small gym owner? Are you someone who works at a fitness center? Do you have members who signed a monthly agreement that is not paying you? It can be tricky when you need to collect from a gym member. You want to maintain a friendly, welcoming environment while maintaining a professional relationship with your members. We understand that the last thing you want to do is send a member to collections for not paying their monthly bills. When someone refuses to pay, it’s probably a good time to evaluate whether they should be sent to collections. Keep reading to learn more about Gym Debt Recovery.

When should I send a member/delinquent account for gym debt recovery?

You should send someone to collections when you have exhausted all your efforts in collecting. When going over a contract, you should have a highlighter or have essential parts of the contract highlighted. During the initial membership signup, you can go over the contract and let members know that after the first non-payment and three soft collect attempts, their accounts will be sent to collections. This helps you qualify a buyer if they choose not to sign. They felt financially unable to sign, which is good for you since now you can avoid a negative review and someone who most likely couldn’t afford your services. If you know someone is dodging your calls, you should send them to collections after 30 – 90 days. They should be sent to collections if they promise to pay on a specific date, then fail to pay when that day arrives. It is also important to train any employee to collect past-due balances professionally. 

What is your gym debt recovery rate with current clients?

Atlas Financial Services has been in the debt collection industry for over 25+ plus years. We work with some of the biggest fitness centers in the pacific northwest, and our current collection rate is 43.8% with our biggest gym. The general rule of thumb is to remember that you are placing “Bad Debt.” Placing “Bad Debt” means you think these people will not pay. After placing “Bad Debt,” it is our job to build urgency to get the bill paid. After you start placing the debt over time, you notice a snowball effect. It is crucial to lowering your expectations; debt collection isn’t magic where we can snap our fingers and make money appear; we are working on an account where someone is either unwilling or unable to pay. We will do everything we can to get the bill paid; after all, if we are not successful in collecting, we don’t get paid.

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