Contractor Debt Recovery 

Are you a licensed and bonded contractor? Have you gained experience over years of hard-working hours? Would you call yourself a specialist in your industry? When you consider yourself an experienced professional, nothing is worse than a customer that doesn’t see you that way. At Atlas Financial Services, we see this time and time again. A highly experienced contractor does a great job on contracted work, the client boasts about how great they did on the job, and they don’t want to pay because it wasn’t an “amazing job!” This is how Atlas can help you with Contractor Debt Recovery!

Does this story sound familiar? 

If this story sounds familiar, you are at the right place at the right time. Atlas Financial Services will take away the burden of your accounts receivables. We work off a percentage, so we only get paid if we successfully collect on your account. We don’t want the accounts immediately after nonpayment. Still, we ask that you notify all your clients before signing that their accounts will be forwarded to collections after a specified payment deadline. You can always mention it is nothing personal you don’t have time to squabble about nonpayments. In all honestly, most businesses don’t have time! There is always work and money to be made somewhere else. Don’t waste your time on “bad business.”

Pro Tips to Avoid Bad Business – Qualify a Buyer in 5 Easy Steps

  • Decision Maker: The first step to qualifying a buyer is to make sure you are speaking with the decision maker. You can ask, “Who else is involved in this process?”
  • Financial Plan: The second step to qualifying a buyer is making sure they are financially able to afford the project. Gather all the information you need to give them a quote. If you know that some jobs vary in price, give them an estimated quote, and explain why it could cost extra. When they receive the quote, ask them, “Will you be able to afford this?” There is room for disagreement when you are not transparent with your customers. 
  • Commitment: Go over your business process as detailed as possible, and ensure they understand the work that will be done. Write out a step-by-step process for what your customer is going to expect. Don’t leave anything out; make sure they are fully aware of what you will do; if you run into disagreements about your step-by-step process, that is an excellent way to disqualify a buyer. 
  • Schedule Work: When you schedule work, be precise about the time frame. The number one issue we always see with contractors in the debt collection industry is customers disputing the “time frame,” when you are not meeting customer expectations on the scheduled time frame, you will get a bad reputation. Typically, customers still end up needing to pay with enough evidence of the work that has been completed. Give yourself and the customer a reasonable timeframe on the work, and get the job done by your scheduled agreement. 
  • Get a Signature: After figuring out the budget, who the decision maker is, the work they want to commit to, and a scheduled time frame for the work that will be done, GET A SIGNATURE! If you are a legitimate business, you should know when you don’t get a signature; you are opening the door to wasted time. Word of mouth, text messages and emails are not good enough. If you don’t know how to make a contract and get signatures, YouTube is a great resource to learn that. You can also visit legal zoom to make contracts. You can visit DocuSign to get legitimate signatures.

Why does Atlas Financial Services want you to qualify buyers?

If you qualify your customers, you are more likely to place people just trying to avoid paying contractors for hard, honest work. The foundation of our collection agency is built on integrity. We want to hold consumers accountable when they commit and agree to a job that they promised to make payments on. We believe a business is a group of honest, hard-working individuals trying to make a living.

Atlas Financial Services maintain compliance with state and federal regulations and are trained to follow FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), FDPPA (Federal Driver Privacy Protection Act), and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

What information and documents do I need to start Contractor Debt Recovery?

  • Invoice or Ledger of Services
  • Debtor Current Address
  • Signed Agreement

A debtor’s address is 100% required to pursue the debt in collections. We need all legitimate documentation to provide debtors if they request them within 72 hours. All documentation with debtor demographics helps speed up the collection process. If you have any questions, please call Brandon at (564) 208-4838.

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