Pre-Collection Services by Atlas Financial Services: Expert Solutions to Improve Debt Recovery

At Atlas Financial Services, we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to managing outstanding debts and unpaid invoices. To address these issues effectively, we offer pre-collection services, a proactive approach designed to encourage prompt payment while preserving positive customer relationships. Our pre-collection services are designed to improve your debt recovery rates and reduce the burden on your internal resources, all at a competitive and transparent pricing structure.

Our Pre-Collection Process:

  1. Dunning Letters for Timely Reminders: We initiate the pre-collection process by sending two dunning letters on behalf of your business to the debtor. The first letter serves as a friendly reminder, while the second letter, sent after two weeks, adopts a firmer tone. Both dunning letters cost just $1.75, making it a cost-effective method for encouraging customers to settle their debts promptly.

  2. Account Placement in Collections with a Contingency Rate: If the debtor does not respond to the second dunning letter or fails to make payment, their account is then placed in collections with Atlas Financial Services. At this stage, we take over the collections process on your behalf, pursuing the outstanding debt in a professional and respectful manner.

    Our standard contingency rate for collections is 40%. This means that we only charge a fee based on the amount of debt we successfully recover. You can rest assured that our interests are fully aligned with yours, as our motivation lies in securing the maximum recovery for your business.

  3. Handling Disputed Accounts with Expert Legal Support: In the rare event of an account dispute, we have a dedicated legal team ready to step in. In such cases, the contingency rate for the disputed account adjusts to 50%. Our legal team works diligently to resolve the dispute swiftly and amicably, always prioritizing your best interests.

Key Benefits of Our Pre-Collection Services:

  1. Improved Debt Recovery Rates: The proactive approach of dunning letters encourages customers to address their debts promptly, reducing the number of accounts that escalate to collections.

  2. Cost-Effective Pre-Collection Method: The nominal fee of $1.75 for each dunning letter provides a cost-effective way to prompt payments and streamline your collections process.

  3. Preserved Customer Relationships: Our pre-collection approach maintains a friendly and professional tone, ensuring positive customer interactions and reducing the risk of strained relationships.

  4. Transparent and Competitive Pricing: We believe in transparency, and our contingency rates are designed to be competitive and fair, aligning our interests with yours.

  5. Expert Legal Support: In case of account disputes, our experienced legal team steps in to handle the resolution process professionally and efficiently.

Partner with Atlas Financial Services for Pre-Collection Excellence:

Choosing Atlas Financial Services for pre-collection services ensures that you have a dedicated partner committed to enhancing your debt recovery efforts. Our proactive approach, cost-effective methods, and expert legal support make us the ideal choice for businesses seeking to optimize collections while maintaining a positive reputation with customers.

Contact us today to learn more about our pre-collection services and how we can tailor a solution to suit your specific business needs. With Atlas Financial Services by your side, you can improve your debt recovery rates and focus on growing your business with confidence.

Collection ServicesCollection Costs
The first notification is done by the Client Completed by Client
Pre-Collection Letter #1$1.75
Pre-Collection Letter #2Included
3rd Party Collection Services, Contingency Commission Fee40%
Legal Services 50%



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